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Same Day Quick Internet Installation of wireless usb mifi or modem in Karachi Lahore Rawalpinidi

Same day installation after placing your order for wireless broadband internet .
In current situation where you required internet connection for online classes, office work. Multiple students can connect through ptcl charji / jazz 4g / zong lte.

Ptcl charji / zong / jazz  available in all over Pakistan we can deliver all over Pakistan.

TO Order : 0345-2813343 , 0332-8246795



Zong Router (4G LTE)

Zong 4G Router Available from our reliable online store.

You may directly order us through email / call or order form given here:







Zong 4G LTE Router Price : 8000/-
Free Home Delivery – Currently available in Karachi on cash on delivery with bio matric activation.

(There is no restriction of package selection, you may avail any Following CORPORATE 4G LTE MBB package you want – 30Days Validity – 24 hours a day):

Monthly FeeVolume
Rs. 800/-10GB
Rs. 1500/-30GB
Rs. 2000/-50GB
Rs. 2500/-75GB
Rs. 3000/-100GB
Rs. 3500/-150GB

Zong Router can connect 30+ wifi gadgets at a time, It turns on if gives electricity, it’s handy/ its best solution if you want internet to turn on automatically whenever gets electricity.

Zong Router is best solution for cameras , DVR connectivity, It’s fast and its reliable. Zong router turns on without pressing any power button unlike Zong mifi where you need to press power button to make it start working. So it’s the best solution if you install zong router in any building / vehicle / cabins / shops etc where your dvr connected with cameras and it comes online whenever electricity resumes.

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You can also get static ip on Zong 4G Router if you required. For rates and packages details please call us at 0345-2813343 / 0332-8246795 / 0300-9200279.

Static Ip on Zong 4G LTE

Static Ip is now can be provided on Zong 4G LTE. Minimum package requirement is 100GB.
Zong Static Ip Charges : 670 monthly.

You will need to buy new connection (New Sim and Device) , We don’t provide static ip on existing connection.

Further we may also provide devices and activation same day – same time- if you required in bulk (like 10 devices or more)

How it’s different from normal delivery: A person can only biometric 1 device at a time and after biometric next device can’t be activated instantly on his thumb, it will take 8 hours to activate other device on same thumb. But if you required zong mifi / zong usb / zong router in bulk we can provide for your company (It’s just for companies).

Call Now for further details : 0345-2813343 , 0332-8246795