Optical Fiber Internet + Television + Telephony (Karachi)

Internet on Line Optical Fiber:
Fast and Reliable in most economical rates.

Television Channels:  High Definition HD Quality on Fiber optic. 200+ TV Channels Available for your news / entertainment / sports watching.

Telephony : Crystal clear voice over fiber optic line connects you to your love ones and professional contacts.

Currently Available in CLIFTON Karachi (ALL BLOCKS)

Monthly Fee
(Exclusive tax)
One Time Cost
1Mbps99910,999 5499
2Mbps129910,999 5499
4Mbps149910,999 5499
6Mbps159910,999 5499
8Mbps179910,999 5499
10Mbps199910,999 5499
20Mbps299910,999 5499
30Mbps399910,999 5499

(TV-Cable with 80 Channels are FREE, Just one time activation 1500/- , No Monthly Charges)

Digital Box (Optional) : Rs. 3,500/-
Cable Tv One time activation (Optional) : Rs. 1499/-

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