Qubee Current Tariff

WiTribe Current Tariff

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(Order till 15th December 2017)

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ApnaBroadBand Deploys  WiTribe at Customer premises by Witribe Authorized Representatives and Retailers.

– Order On Call – Payment at Delivery.

– Same Day Delivery without any extra charges.

– 3 Days Money Back Guarantee as per witribe policy.

3G WiTribe WiFi Device with Unlimited  Packages (Karachi / Lahore):

2Mbps 1399 Monthly + 950 Device
3Mbps 1499 Monthly + 950 Device
4Mbps 1799 Monthly + 950 Device
5Mbps 2199 Monthly + 950 Device
(Karachi / Lahore Packages are Excluding Service Charges and Taxes)

3G Witribe WiFi Device With Unlimited Packages in Rawalpindi Islamabad :
2Mbps Unlimited 2049 Per Month  + 550 Device
3Mbps Unlimited 2149 Per Month  + 550 Device
4Mbps Unlimited 2550 Per Month  + 550 Device
5Mbps Unlimited 3099 Per Month  + 550 Device
(Rawalpindi Islamabad Packages are inclusive Service Charges taxes)

FAIR USAGE POLICY : 150GB @ 2Mbps to 4 Mbps

4.5G LTE Witribe Device Packages (Karachi  / Lahore) Packages :
All Rates Are Inclusive Tax
50GB – Rs. 2015 Per Month
70GB – Rs. 2351 Per Month
90GB – Rs. 2687 Per Month
150GB – Rs. 3360 Per Month
250GB – Rs. 3830 Per Month
500GB – Rs. 3830 Per Month
1000GB(1TB) – Rs. 6800 Per Month
Rs. 3999 4.5G Witribe LTE Device Activation first time (One Month Free)

 For Witribe New Connection : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279

Witribe Internet Provider in Karachi / Lahore / Rawalpindi / Islamabad and Faisalabad.
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