Welcome to ApnaBroadBand
We are providing internet via fiber / wireless / dsl
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IPTV Services 350/Month
1000s of Live Tv Channels/Movies/Series
For Smart Tv / Android Box / Mobile / Pc
TRIALs Available To Test IPTV Services
On Any Internet / No Device Required
StormFiber Super Saver
Pay Advance 3199 (One Month Net + Modem + Fiber Wire All Included)
Click to Order or Pre Order if not available in your area
2099* Per Month
* Without Tax
Offer Available in all cities (Partially in KARACHI AND LAHORE)
Imported Antenna
Bumper Discount : Now in Rs. 3500
All Over Pakistan Delivery
Supported: Zong / Jazz / Ptcl (MiFi / Usb / Router)
StormFiber Mega Winter Offer
5Mbps to 100Mbps in 999
Zong 4G LTE
ZONG 4G LTE MiFi Cloud
All Over Pakistan Delivery by courier
New Box Pack - Rs. 4000/-
Jazz 4g
Jazz 4G LTE
MiFis and Routers available
Cash On Delivery in major cities
All Over Pakistan Delivery
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Pay 3199 & Get the connection
10 Mbps Unlimited Package
2099 Per Month (W/o Tax)
Offer Available In All Cities (Partially in Karachi and Lahore)
IPTV Services
1000s of live tv channels
1000s of Movies
1000s of Series/seasons
Just in
Per Month
On any internet / No Device Needed
Available on Smart tv / Android Box / Mobile
jazz zte unlock
JAZZ Unlock
In 7500/-
Cash on Delivery LHR
All Over Pakistan Through Courier
zong 4g
Zong 4G MiFi
All Over Pakistan
in 4000/-*
Box Pack Without Pkg*
4G Antenna
Zong 4G / Jazz 4G / Ptcl Charji
Available for MiFi / Usbs and Routers
All Over Pakistan Delivery
Imported Panel Antenna with complete accessories
Magnetic Antenna
SMA / Ts9 Connector in 1500/-
Delivery All over Pakistan, Pair of 2 in 2100/-
Jazz 4g
Jazz 4G LTE
MiFis and Routers
All Over Pakistan Delivery
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IPTV Service available in 350/Month
1000s of tv channels/movies/series
StormFiber Super Saver
Just Pay 2499 in advance & Get the Connection
Transworld home
Transworld Home
Internet And HD TV Cable Khi Lhr ISB
Ptcl dsl Broadband
Ptcl DSL Broadband Multan Region
Unlimited 1370/Month
Point to point
DHA Lahore / Paragon City / Barki Road
Unlimited Internet Where No Other Net
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Wireless Internet Provider

Looking for Wireless internet connection in your city/area? No problem, let us find reliable / high speed wireless internet connection for you.

Available Devices in stock (All Over Pakistan Delivery)

  • (UNLOCK) Jazz 4G Unlock Router Brand New
  • (UNLOCK) Zong 4G Router (Huawei Model) Slightly Used
  • Ptcl Charji Evo Cloud Brand New
  • Zong 4G Bolt Ultra Huawei (Only for Zong MBB sims) Brand New
  • Zong 4G MiFi Cloud (Only for Zong MBB sims) Brand New
  • (UNLOCK) Zong 4G MiFi Cloud with antenna ports Slightly Used
  • (UNLOCK) Zong 4G MiFi Cloud without antenna ports Slightly Used
  • Jazz 4G MiFi Cloud (Only for Jazz MBB sim) Brand New
  • (UNLOCK) Zong 4G USB Slightly Used
  • (UNLOCK) Zong 4G USB
  • (UNLOCK) Huawei B310S-927 Router
  • (UNLOCK) Huawei B315S-936 Router
  • Comsats Internet Service (Point to point WiFi network)
For any further details or order,  fill the form below, our team will contact you soon:


    Device Type

    UnlockOnly Mbb SimAnyComsats

    Port for external antenna?

    Yes,Must BeDoesn't matter

    Complete Address (Block/Phase)*



    Apnabroadband – Wireless and Fiber Optic Internet Provider