SonicFiber Unlimited Packages 2020

SonicFiber provides High speed internet + TV Services and Voice services.
(We are not  taking  SonicFiber Orders – Please contact them directly)

SonicFiber is currently available in Karachi only (Lahore and Islamabad are in planning)

SonicFiber Karachi Coverage Area List (Updating regularly)


Block 2
Block 3
Block 4
Block 5
Block 7
Block 8
Block 9
The Forum
Doctor Plaza
CTC Tower
Civil Lines
Frere Town


Defence View Phase 1
Defence View Phase 2
Defence View Phase 3


Block 2
Block 6
Block 7
Block 8
Kashmir Road
Society Office
SMCH Block B
Banglore Town
Tariq Road
Khalid Bin Waleed Road
Awami Markaz
City Center Mall
FTC Building
Al Tijara Center
Fortune Center
Jinnah Cooperative Housing Society

Block 5
Block 10
Block 10-A
Block 13-A
Block 13-B
Block 13-C
Block 13-D
Block 13-D-1
Block 13-D-2
Block 13-D-3
Block 13-E

SonicFiber Current Packages

Monthly Bill
(All tax Included)
Installation Charges
1Mbps1,18010,999 3200
2Mbps1,55210,999 3200
4Mbps1,85210,999 2000
6Mbps1,98710,999 FREE*
8Mbps2,25510,999 FREE*
10Mbps2,52410,999 1400 (Limited Time Offer)
20Mbps3,86910,999 1400 (Limited Time Offer)
30Mbps5,21310,999 1400 (Limited Time Offer)
50Mbps7,90210,999 1400 (Limited Time Offer)

Free Installation on 3 Months Advance Bill
Upfront Payment : Monthly Bill + Installation Charges
Service will deploy after receiving payment

Please sms / whatsapp your area name along with block and phase, SonicFiber representative will get in touch with you soon , Sms number / whatsapp number is 0345-2813343.


You can also fill the form below for a call back / order / information on call / SMS / Whatsapp or email.

Order / Information SonicFiber Connection


    Tv Activation*
    Analogue-TV01 Digital-BoxNo-TV
    (Analogue Tv Activation: 1500 One time, 01 Digital Box Activation 3500)



    Does Antenna Really Work With PTCL CHARJI – ZONG 4G LTE Or JAZZ 4G?

    These days high speed internet connection is not a luxury but it’s a need , an essential necessity. Slow internet browsing , slow streaming , buffering in video calling or youtube , ping issues for gamers can interrupt your work / fun time / online studies etc.

    People started searching for different antennas to boost their poor internet signals to reliable and constant signals strength. Different brands , local and imported antennas came in local markets and on online sites.

    Before you buy any antenna , try to search for honest reviews based on people self experience (Sometimes these reviews are paid also, so you have to be careful about it).

    Once you complete your research online , now you are ready to buy an antenna for your mifi cloud or usb (like Ptcl Charji MiFi or USB / Zong 4G MiFi or USB) , Before you buy any antenna check your mifi cloud or usb , it should has antenna port .

    If MiFi or USB doesn’t have antenna ports  it means you can’t attach any antenna with the device. Zong 4G LTE new models don’t have antenna ports / Jazz MiFi and USB also have no antenna ports in it.

    At this point you would need  any mifi / usb or router which has antenna port(s) in it. You can either get a new mifi / usb with connection  or buy an unlock MiFi in which you can use any network data sim or voice sim package.

    List of Portable MiFis and Usbs IN which  you can find antenna ports:
    PTCL CHARJI always had antenna port(s). (Get it from here)
    Zong 4G LTE MiFi (Old Model had antenna ports) (Get Unlock MiFi from here)
    Telenor 4G MiFi and USB : Old Huawei Model had antenna ports

    We can help you out if your MiFi or Usb doesn’t have antenna ports , Call us at 0345-2813343 or fill the form given

    Need Antenna Solution?:


      Device You Have?
      [select* your-order include_blank "PTCL-CHARJI-MIFI","PTCL CHARJI USB","ZONG 4G NEW MIFI","JAZZ DEVICE","OTHERS"]

      looking For Device? *
      Ptcl Charji MiFiPtcl USBUnlock 4G Huawei

      (Please Fill the details if required delivery)


      StormFiber Saadi Town Gulzar-e-Hijri Available

      StormFiber is now available in Saadi Town Gulzar-e-Hijri Karachi.
      For details please contact 0345-2813343 / 0332-8246795

      Double Play 10Mbps (Net + Phone)

      SpeedPer MonthInstallation
      Incl. Tax 2759/-

      Triple Play Packages (Net + TV + Phone)

      SpeedPer MonthInstallation
      Incl. Tax 2773+
      Incl. Tax 4422+
      Incl. Tax 5934+
      Incl. Tax 9095+
      Incl. Tax 15416+

      Yellow Storm 10Mbps (Net + TV + Phone + HD BOX)

      (One Month Fee Included)
      Per Month
      (From 2nd Month Onwards)
      Incl. Tax 2773+

      Yellow Storm 20Mbps (NET + TV + Phone + HD BOX)

      (One Month Fee Included)
      Per Month
      (From 2nd Month Onwards)
      25Mbps8849 3499/-
      Incl. Tax 4422+

      Including tax rates are mentioned – In Sindh 13%  SST on Installation.
      Unlimited Internet – No GB Capping.


      Order Connection :


        Double PlayTriple PlayYellow Storm


        City and Area*