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Zong 4G LTE Packages 2020 (Updated)

Zong 4G LTE (Available on MiFi or USB)
(MiFi and Router available in stock)

Zong Packages (Monthly):

LTE MiFi3500
LTE Router8500

Monthly FeeVolume
Rs. 1800/-30GB
(cant avail in 1st Recharge)
Rs. 2000/-60GB
(Minimum Starter
Rs. 2500/-75GB
Rs. 3250/-100GB
Rs. 5500/-50GB
Each for 3 Months.
Rs. 12000/-75GB
Each for 6 Months.
Rs. 22000/-75GB
Each for 12 Months.

* Additional Gbs can be used between 4AM to 4PM.

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