Witribe Rawalpindi Islamabad (Packages Connections)

Witribe 2020 Office (Rawalpindi Islamabad), Connection  Available on 3G Network. High Speed Internet available on one phone call.

Rawalpindi Islamabad Wi-tribe Team will coordinate with  you and install wireless internet connection at your location as soon as you order.
To Order Wi-tribe in Rawalpindi Islamabad simply call at 0345-2813343 / 0332-8246795 / 0300-9200279.
You may fill online order form to get the connection at doorstep by authorized Witribe representative.

Packages Details for Witribe Rawalpindi Islamabad
(All Packages are including taxes)

PackageMonthly (Inclusive tax)First Time Charges
2Mbps 30GB
(Non WiFi)
2Mbps 75GB15451649
3Mbps 75GB18811899
2Mbps Unlimited*23512149
3Mbps Unlimited*24862249
5Mbps Unlimited*28892549

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    Witribe 2018 VS Witribe 2019

    Witribe 2018 Fair Usage Policy

    in early 2018 Wi-tribe Unlimited were capped with gb limits (i.e. 2mbps unlimited 100GB , 150GB or other GB limits.

    Witribe 2019 Fair Usage Policy

    Witribe Introduced truly unlimited packages (i.e. 2Mbps  / 3Mbps) , no gb limits on usage. It solved problems of heavy downloaders.

    Witribe 2018 Coverage

    Witribe coverage was improving / converting to high mhz + converting 3g to 4.5G LTE in Karachi and Lahore, that’s why little fluctuation was faced by users.

    Witribe 2019 Coverage

    Wi-tribe coverage is almost doubled , new sites are being installed.

    Witribe 2018 Common complaint

    After acquiring qubee customers in 2018 , Witribe customer support was flooded by complaints, resulting long hold on helpline, which caused alot of suffering to valued customers.

    Witribe 2019 Common Complaint

    Witribe new customers who order on witribe customer support / official website, have to wait alot for installation team to visit, however we (apnabroadband) process new installation order within 30 mins and rider visit at premises within one hour.

    Witribe 2018 Device activation

    Wi-tribe is maintaining it’s legacy of giving connection in lowest rates, that’s why device was remained same as witribe 2017 charges (means 500 device activation – One time cost)

    Although LTE modem price was fluctuating , sometimes 5000/ sometimes 3000 / sometimes 2500.

    Witribe 2019 Device activation

    Witribe didnt change device activation (3G) anywhere neither Karachi , nor Lahore / Rawalpindi Islamabad.

    Witribe LTE activation changed from 2500 to 3000 (from Jan to April), One month internet free promo is also being offered.

    Witribe 2018 Maximum Speed Packages

    Witribe maximum speed packages were 2 to 4Mbps (in RWP 2Mbps to 5Mbps)

    Witribe 2019 Maximum Speed Packages

    Now witribe is offering 2Mbps to 20Mbps high speed internet. (These packages available on LTE Modem).

    (This information is latest as of 07/05/2019)


    Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi Cablenet

    Cable Internet Available for almost all blocks of Gulshan-e-iqbal (Also many areas covered where fiber optic available of the network)

    Cablenet and tv both available for Gulshan-e-Iqbal residents.
    10Mbps Internet just in Rs. 2500 per month.

    Our deployment team will deploy connection at your doorstep, for any further details and order please call : 0345-2813343 / 0300-9200279 / 0332-8246795

    Witribe May 2019 New Packages (LTE or 3G Network)

    Witribe May 2019 Packages now available in Karachi , Lahore , Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

    Wi-tribe Offering now 20Mbps Unlimited with very very heavy download limit.

    There are 2Mbps , 3Mbps , 5Mbps , 7Mbps , 10Mbps , 12Mbps , 15Mbps and 20Mbps Unlimited Packages Internet available.

    Call us now for 0345-2813343 , 0300-9200279 or 0332-8246795.