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    Fastest Installation Internet in Karachi Lahore Rawalpindi Islamabad

    If you are in need of quick internet connection, which will be installed at your location in same day, you can contact us now. We will be providing you internet connection within 30 to 40 minutes at your doorstep. Complete installation of reliable witribe internet connection will be initiated through authorized witribe installation representative.
    Signals will be checked before activation and any payment.

    To Order Internet Connection for same day call 0345-2813343 / 0300-9200279 / 0332-8246795.

    Witribe Rawalpindi Islamabad (Packages Connections)

    Witribe 2020 Office (Rawalpindi Islamabad), Connection  Available on 3G Network. High Speed Internet available on one phone call.

    Rawalpindi Islamabad Wi-tribe Team will coordinate with  you and install wireless internet connection at your location as soon as you order.
    To Order Wi-tribe in Rawalpindi Islamabad simply call at 0345-2813343 / 0332-8246795 / 0300-9200279.
    You may fill online order form to get the connection at doorstep by authorized Witribe representative.

    Packages Details for Witribe Rawalpindi Islamabad
    (All Packages are including taxes)

    PackageMonthly (Inclusive tax)First Time Charges
    2Mbps 30GB
    (Non WiFi)
    2Mbps 75GB15451649
    3Mbps 75GB18811899
    2Mbps Unlimited*23512149
    3Mbps Unlimited*24862249
    5Mbps Unlimited*28892549

    Order Wi-tribe Internet 2020 Connection Rawalpindi Islamabad







      Witribe May 2019 New Packages (LTE or 3G Network)

      Witribe May 2019 Packages now available in Karachi , Lahore , Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

      Wi-tribe Offering now 20Mbps Unlimited with very very heavy download limit.

      There are 2Mbps , 3Mbps , 5Mbps , 7Mbps , 10Mbps , 12Mbps , 15Mbps and 20Mbps Unlimited Packages Internet available.

      Call us now for 0345-2813343 , 0300-9200279 or 0332-8246795.

      Witribe in Malir Karachi

      Witribe now available in Malir , Model Colony and all attached areas.

      Witribe Unlimited Internet (Truly Unlimited) Like any cablenet.
      Witribe has installed new LTE towers in Malir , coverage is much improved than before.

      All Qubee customers who had used Qubee or Witribe customers who have used witribe , now will see the speed difference clearly.

      To get internet connection in Malir Karachi (Or anywhere in Karachi , Lahore , Rawalpindi , Islamabad) You can call us at 0345-2813343 / 0300-9200279 or 0332-8246795.

      Qubee New Packages (Sarjani Maymar Landhi Orangi Korangi)

      After acquiring Qubee, witribe gradually shifted qubee customers on it’s network. But few areas are still energized with Qubee signals. Previously neither Witribe nor qubee could be installed as new connection, but now Wi-tribe has decided to provide Qubee services in these areas :

      Surjani town
      Orangi Town
      Bhittai Colony

      We may provide unlimited packages in reasonable price (on dsl wired broadband) like 2Mbps , 3mbps unlimited 1200, 1300 per month ,  10mbps unlimited in 2020 per month including tax.
      visit here for packages details 

      Following Qubee packages are available for new activation

      First Time
      2Mbps Unlimited*13991899
      3Mbps Unlimited*14991999
      4Mbps Unlimited*17992299
      3Mbps 40GB13991899

      * Fair Usage Applies
      Device Activation : Rs. 500/-
      First time charges = Device Activation + One Month Fee As Deposit.
      Monthly Rent is exclusive tax. First time charges are fix no tax apply on it. Upfront charges includes device activation + one month fee as security deposit.

      We deploy internet connection through trained company authorized representative, installation is absolutely free. Customer will pay according to tariff plan.
      Any question regarding package/installation or order please call : 0345-2813343 / 0300-9200279 / 0332-8246795

      You can directly order connection from here :







        OLX Ads on Olx from Apnabroadband Team

        Our sales team keep posting ads on olx to update olx users about packages details.
        Our sales team highlights packages which they think can benefit potential internet users.

        Here are the list of active olx ads posted by our sales team:

        ApnaBroadband Sales Team
        0345-2813343, 0300-9200279 , 0332-8246795

        Wi-tribe Student Package

        Wi-tribe Student Packages

        On LTE(Available in Lahore Only)

        Package NameMonthly FeeDevice
        Bill (Inclusive tax)
        LTE - 3Mbps Student - 50GB124929991405
        LTE - 5Mbps Student - 100GB149929991686
        LTE - 2Mbps Student Extreme - (Truly

        Order Student Package in Lahore


          LTE Student Package*




          On 3G (Available in Rawalpindi):
          2Mbps Unlimited* (Student Package) :
          Device Activation Rs. 500/-
          Monthly Fee Deposit : Rs. 1399/-
          Total 1899/- First Time.
          Monthly Fee Including all taxes 1680/-
          *Fair Usage Applies

          To Order Wi-tribe Student Package please call us at 0345-2813343 , 0300-9200279 or 0332-8246795

          Fast Wireless Internet Connection in Malir

          Get Fast internet (Wireless) Broadband Internet in Malir (DSL Wired Broadband also available,)same day installation when order. High speed LTE Internet on a single WiFi modem available , Speed 2Mbps , 3Mbps , 5Mbps , 7Mbps , 10Mbps  , 12 Mbps , 15Mbps and 20Mbps high speed internet unlimited package available.
          Services available in all over Malir , Model Colony , Kazimabad , Saudabad , Malir Tanki, Jinnah Square , Moinabad , Ameerabad , C area Malir , Liaquat Market , B-Area , RCD Ground Malir, Kala Board , Malir 15 , Memon Goth, Maula Ram Compound , Imam Bux Market , Bagh-e-Malir, Kehkashan Society , A – Area Malir etc.

          You can call us to confirm internet service coverage packages, Call us now : 0345-2813343 , 0300-9200279 or 0300-9200279