Internet Provider In Gulshan Ravi Lahore

We provide Internet Connection all over Lahore , If you are anywhere in Gulshan ravi or any area please call us , Our rider will visit at premises.
Internet speed / Signals will be checked at location before activation. Payment after successful Installation.
Please Call now : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279
(We provide Internet connection all over Karachi  / Lahore / Rawalpindi / Islamabad)

Qubee Desktop Vs Witribe Desktop (2018 Review)

Qubee and Witribe both are wimax operators in Pakistan. Currently available in big cities (2018 Review)

Witribe : Karachi , Lahore , Rawalpindi , Islamabad.
QUBEE: Karachi , Lahore , Rawalpindi , Islamabad , Multan , Faisalabad , Hyderabad , Peshawar and Sialkot.

Minimum Packages :
Qubee : Rs. 999 (Inclusive Tax) 2mbps 40GB on Wimax in all cities.
WiTribe : Rs. 1480 (Inclusive Tax) 2mbps 40GB on Wimax in Khi. in lhr & rwp 19.5% tax will apply.

Fair Usage Policy (On Unlimited):

Witribe Wimax :

(In Rawalpindi / Islamabad)
2Mbps , 3Mbps , 4Mbps = 150GB
5Mbps = 200GB

(In Lahore / Karachi)
2Mbps = 100GB
All other packages available on Witribe LTE.

Qubee :

2Mbps = 100GB,

3Mbps = 150GB,

4Mbps = 200GB

Maximum Package : 

Qubee : Rs. 2400 Per Month (Inclusive Tax) [4Mbps]
Witribe : Rs. 3100 (Inclusive Tax) [5Mbps]

Installation Process:

Qubee : Field engineer visits at premises , check service strength ,  Complete Internet activity, bio metric activation after successful installation.

Witribe : Field engineer visits at premises, may check service strength (Signals only), Bio Metric activation at home, activation will be completed after talking to customer support agent when he/she will call on your contact number.

Refund & Return Policy:

Qubee : Security deposit is refundable when customer returns the device, complete refund request can be entertained if usage within a GB from the day of activation.

Witribe : Security deposit will always be refundable when customer closes the account and returns the device. 3 Days Money Back Guarantee also given at the time of activation.

ORDER Process : 

Qubee or Witribe : You may order us for new connection , company representative will visit your premises and services will be provided at doorstep without any extra charges.

For any further details / Coverage / Order  Call ApnaBroadBand : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279