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Zong 4G Latest Price 4000?

Zong 4G (MiFi Cloud) Latest price available on their official site 3600 (Atleast till today – On 26 – 3 – 2021). But surprisingly it’s not available in this price even on any zong franchise. It’s price is 4000, either you visit zong franchise or fill the online order for delivery.

After hike in other daily routine prices telecom companies also had increased their gadgets prices. Even Jazz Clouds prices are also equal to Zong Cloud.

Frequently Updated Zong Devices Rates

Box Pack
3600 In Karachi (With One Month Minimum 2100/Month Package)
4000 (Without Package All Over Pakistan)
Huawei LTE Router BOX PACK (Lahore Stock - COD in LHR only : all Pakistan delivery through courier)10000
Limited Time offer
UNLOCK Huawei Bolt Ultra Router BOX PACK(Lahore COD all cities advance payment)11500
Zong ZTE LTE Router (Karachi Stock)9500
(Available only with Package)
ZONG Huawei LTE Unlock ROUTER (USED) All Over Pakistan Delivery10,500
Limited Time offer

(This information is shared by one of our coworker, authenticity of this news yet to evaluate, if you have any feedback please feel free to message us on whatsapp or email us)