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4G/LTE Antenna For Devices

4G Antenna for weak signals. Connectors available for lte pocket devices & routers.

Antenna with 60Ft wire , recommended for all the places where signals available on height. Best results if you are not getting signals in basement or ground floor.

It is also successful if no signals penetration indoor.  You can simply install antenna on height / open air and connect your device with supported connector into your device.



Antenna Price (with 60Ft wire)  : 2500/-
Connectors available:
Ts9 : 700/-
SMA : 1200/-
MCX : 1700/-

Antenna Order 

    TS9 for Clouds/USBs, SMA for Zong Router/ Jazz Huawei Router and ZTE Model Router , MCX For Jazz digit Router

    (Delivery Charges 450 to 500 depends on destination – Collection available in Karachi and Lahore)

    Ptcl Charji / Zong Antenna’s Connector Broken (Solution)

    If you have broken connector of your Ptcl Charji MiFI / Charji USB / Zong 4G LTE MiFi / Zong 4G LTE USB / Zong Bolt Ultra Router / Jazz 4G Router, you can get it from us.

    We have TS9 Connectors for your charji / zong / huawei / zte unlock 4g mifi clouds and usbs , SMA Connectors for Zong or Jazz Or Ptcl Routers (All other routers) and  CRC9 Connectors for 3g evo wingle / 3g unlock mifis clouds or usbs.

    TS9 Connector (2 Pcs) Price 2000/-

    SMA Connector Price 1000/-

    MCX Connector + Imported Antenna Price 4700 (This Connector is only available with imported panel antenna)

    CRC9 Connector Price (on demand)

    Ts9/SMA/CRC9 Connectors Order In Pakistan

      Connector Selection *
      Ts9-ConnectorSMA ConnectorMCX+Antenna
      (Delivery Charges 350 to 450 Depends on City/area)