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Imported Panel Antenna

Imported panel antenna with complete mounting kit.
Best for ptcl Charji , Zong cloud , Zong usb , Zong Router , Jazz Router.

Watch Charji / Zong / Jazz / Ufone Device Antenna Unboxing on Youtube video streaming Below:

Order Imported Panel Antenna (DISCOUNT OFFER On Paying Through Easypaisa/Jazzcash/Bank Transfer)
(Imported antenna Regular Price 4000 3500 { Discount offer Rs. 500 DISCOUNT on advance payment in Raast Id / Easypaisa 03452813343 / Jazzcash 03009200279}

Delivery Charges 300 to 400 (Depends on destination)

    TS9 for Clouds/USBs, SMA for Zong Router/ Jazz Huawei Router and ZTE Model Router , MCX For Jazz digit Router

    For Cloud/USB:
    Antenna Price 4000 + Ts9 Connector 300 + Delivery Charges 300 = 4600 4100 in Discount Offer.

    For Routers:
    (zong, jazz zte & huawei model) : Antenna Price 4000 + SMA Connector 800 + Delivery Charges 300 = 5100 4600 in  Discount Offer 

    For Jazz Digit  : Antenna Price 4000 + MCX  Connector 1000 + Delivery Charges 300 = 5300 4800 in  Discount Offer

    Whatsapp us if any query@ 0345-2813343.

    Magnetic Indoor Antenna

    Magnetic Indoor Antenna with amazing LTE/4G/3G/2G Reception. Best for locations where signals are not stable.
    Available with Built-In SMA Connector (Can be used with cloud by adding convertor)
    PRICE Only 1000/- (Pair of 2 available in 1900)

    Order Magnetic Antenna in Pakistan

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      Zong RouterJazz HuaweiJazz ZTE

      4G Omni Antenna

      4G UNI Directional PANEL Antenna
      available in our stock

      For Pocket Devices (MiFi / Usb) :
      Antenna & 40Ft Wire  Rs. 3000  Rs. 2500 + TS9 Connector  Rs. 300 + Delivery Charges 300 = Total Rs. 3100

      For 4G Routers :
      Antenna & 40Ft Wire  RS. 3000 Rs.  Rs. 2500+ SMA Connector  Rs. 800 + Delivery Charges 300 = Total Rs. 3600
      (TS9 connectors are for pocket devices . SMA Connectors  are for routers)

      For Jazz (Digit) Routers Only :
      Antenna & 40Ft Wire  RS. 3000  Rs. 2500+ MCX Connector  Rs. 1000 + Delivery Charges 300 = Total Rs. 3800
      (TS9 connectors are for pocket devices . SMA Connectors  are for routers, MCX is for Jazz digit Routers)

      500 Discount Offer is only available on payment through Easypaisa 03452813343 , or Raast 03452813343.



      Order UNI DIRECTIONAL Antenna (Plastic Body)

        TS9 for Clouds/USBs, SMA for Zong Router/ Jazz Huawei Router and ZTE Model Router , MCX For Jazz digit Router

        (Discount offer is only available for advance payment in easypaisa or bank fund transfer , for COD 300 to be paid in advance)

        Ptcl Charji Ground Floor Signals Issue

        Ptcl Charji is providing high speed internet in very economical charges with huge gb limits. Ptcl Charji coverage is available in all major and small cities and towns. Furthermore if there is no 4g services you can still use internet on 3g speed.

        If you get full signals , you can get full speed offers on your particular ptcl charji tower , problem starts when you get low signals in your room or portion where you want to use ptcl charji evo cloud or usb.

        Solution : You can attach antenna to get full signals strength in your room. You don’t need to place cloud in open air. Our Tested Dome antenna / Panel Antenna can improve your signals and give you better internet experience on Ptcl charji as well as other networks like zong and jazz.

        IMPORTED PANEL ANTENNA AVAILABLE (with 40Ft Wire) IN 2500/-, Fill the order form to order or call / whatsapp us for details : 0345-2813343

        Antenna available with complete mounting kit (Its not a local antenna – Its Imported antenna)

        Order Imported Panel Antenna
        (Antenna and wire 2500 + Ts9 Connector 300 + 300 Delivery)

          TS9 for Clouds/USBs, SMA for Zong Router/ Jazz Huawei Router and ZTE Model Router , MCX For Jazz digit Router

          (Router SMA Connector  price 800)



          Antennas For Ptcl / Zong / Jazz / Telenor or Unlock MiFis/Usbs

          To Boost Your Internet Signals on your MiFi or USB broadband , choose one of antenna and enjoy fast internet speed after boosting your internet signals on your ptcl charji / zong / jazz / telenor mifi or usb.

          MiFi or Usb must have antenna port to connect antenna with cable .


          Imported Panel Antenna With complete mounting kit
          Rs. 3000/- 2500/- (Available all over Pakistan) 



          • Delivery All over Pakistan
          • Rs. 3000 2500 offer available only for self collection or payment in advance (Delivery charges will apply)
          • Ts9 Connector Price 300/- additional OR SMA Connector Price 800/- if you have router Or MCX Connector Price 1000.

          To Order Imported Panel Antenna at doorstep please  fill order form given below or call / sms us at 0345-2813343:


            TS9 for Clouds/USBs, SMA for Zong Router/ Jazz Huawei Router and ZTE Model Router , MCX For Jazz digit Router


            Magnet INDOOR Antenna with SMA Connector
            Rs. 1000/- (TWO in 1900/-)
            Delivery charges  : 350 for Sindh / 450 for Outside Sindh

            Available with SMA Router Connectors (zong Routers supported / Jazz huawei model supported , Jazz ZTE model supported , Any GSM router which has SMA Port)

            Available on advance payment in our easypaisa account 03452813343


              Your Device *
              Zong RouterJazz HuaweiJazz ZTE


              PTCL Evo Wingle / Charji USB or MiFi Antenna in Pakistan

              PTCL Evo Wingle / PTCL Evo CharJi Wingle / PTCL Evo Charji MiFi / Zong 4G (LTE) Wingle / Zong 4G (LTE) MiFi ANTENNA Available.


              DOME – Ceiling – Roof Antenna  (Ptcl/Zong) Pakistan:
              DOME (Indoor and Outdoor Antenna) 
              Antenna + Wire + Connector + Delivery Rs. 2800/-

              (Cash on Delivery in Rawalpindi / Islamabad)
              Cash on Delivery other cities Rs. 500/- in advance , remaining 2300 at the time of delivery to rider.


              Order Dome Antenna For All over Pakistan

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                You can order this antenna online from our online Shop