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Ptcl Charji / Zong Antenna’s Connector Broken (Solution)

If you have broken connector of your Ptcl Charji MiFI / Charji USB / Zong 4G LTE MiFi / Zong 4G LTE USB / Zong Bolt Ultra Router / Jazz 4G Router, you can get it from us.

We have TS9 Connectors for your charji / zong / huawei / zte unlock 4g mifi clouds and usbs , SMA Connectors for Zong or Jazz Or Ptcl Routers (All other routers) and  CRC9 Connectors for 3g evo wingle / 3g unlock mifis clouds or usbs.

TS9 Connector Price 500/-

SMA Connector Price 900/-

CRC9 Connector Price (on demand)

Ts9/SMA/CRC9 Connectors Order In Pakistan

Connector Selection *
Ts9-ConnectorSMA ConnectorNeed Antenna
(Delivery Charges 150 to 300 Depends on City/area)