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5GLive Iptv in Pakistan

5GLIVE IPTV Monthly Subscription available , Retail Price 650/- (IN PAKISTAN) 
The most reliable IPTV service provider which has tons of satisfied clients worldwide. Monthly , Half Yearly and Yearly packages available.
ApnaBroadBand is reliable IPTV Service Provider, 100s of clients  in Pakistan and abroad Pakistan. Overseas Pakistani can also pay in Pakistani rupees and avail expensive services in cheaper prices.
(Outside Pakistan Customers Please whatsapp us at +923452813343 for international packages plan for 5GLive IPTV that can be accessible in your country.)

TRIAL POLICY :  Rs. 50 for 5GLive Trial. We don’t offer free trial (Because of excessive number of trial requests) , although the amount you pay for trial will be adjusted once you buy the monthly subscription, if you will not buy monthly subscription trial charges will not be refundable. Please Do not ask for free trial at all.

5GLive IPTV Packages / Bundle Offers:

5GLive PackageFees
5GLive Iptv 1 Month650
5GLive Iptv 3 Months1900
5GLive Iptv 6 Months3700
5GLive Iptv 12 Months7400

5GLive IPTV For All Countries Access

IPTV Packages
Fees (In GBP)
For All Countries
International IPTV
(A Category) 1 Month
International IPTV
(A Category) 3 Months
International IPTV
(A Category) 6 Months
International IPTV
(A Category) 12 Months

5GLive IPTV Order Online


    Trial1 Month3 Months6 Months12 Months
    12 Hours Non Adult Trial 75 Rupees, 1 Month 600/- , 3 Months 1750/- , 6 Months 3420/- , 1 Year 6600. Easypaisa Account # / Raast Id : 03452813343


    For better support please provide whatsapp enabled number

    EasyPaisa Account# / Raast Id 03452813343 : If you have paid fees already mention your name here(account title)