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Qubee Device (Desktop Modem) FREE for limited time

(This offer is no more available after 5th July 2016 , Please click here to check current Qubee tariff.)
Qubee Wireless Broadband announced zero activation charges on limited volume packages. Furthermore Gb limit is also doubled in the month of ramazan and next month as well.

Now just pay 1 month fee as refundable security deposit and get double volume packages today.

Limited Volume Packages (With Double Volume):
1Mbps 20GB  Rs. 799 Per Month, Just pay 799 at the time of activation.

2Mbps 20GB  Rs. 999 Per Month, Just pay 999 at the time of activation.
3Mbps 20GB Rs. 1199 Per Month, Just pay  1199 at the time of activation.

1Mbps 40GB Rs. 1250 Per Month , Just pay 1000 at the time of installation.
2Mbps 40GB Rs. 1480 Per Month, Just pay 1199 At the time of installation.
3Mbps 40GB Rs. 1710 Per Month, Just Pay 1399 at the time of installation.