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Defence View Fiber Optic Internet and TV Cable

Defence view Phase 1 , Phase 2 and Phase 3 is energized with fiber connection, you can avail HD quality TV along with internet service as well.
(We are not  taking  SonicFiber Orders – Please contact them directly)

SonicFiber is most reliable broadband internet connection in Defence view Karachi.

Fiber Optic Packages you can avail in Defence View Karachi :

Monthly Bill
(All tax Included)
Installation Charges
1Mbps1,18010,999 3200
2Mbps1,55210,999 3200
4Mbps1,85210,999 2000
6Mbps1,98710,999 FREE*
8Mbps2,25510,999 FREE*
10Mbps2,52410,999 1400 (Limited Time Offer)
20Mbps3,86910,999 1400 (Limited Time Offer)
30Mbps5,21310,999 1400 (Limited Time Offer)
50Mbps7,90210,999 1400 (Limited Time Offer)

Order Fiber Optic (SonicFiber) In Defence View Karachi Or other areas:


    Tv Activation*
    Analogue-TV01 Digital-BoxNo-TV
    (Analogue Tv Activation: 1500 One time, 01 Digital Box Activation 3500)



    Call Now for further details and order : 0345-213343

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