Welcome to ApnaBroadBand
We are providing internet via fiber / wireless / dsl
Click on ISP Button for details and order
Ptcl Charji 1450/Month (Unlimited)
2199 Wala 1450 Mein
Device + Sim + Package = 6950/-
(Fair Usage 150GB)
Zong 4G LTE
All Over Pakistan Delivery by courier
New Box Pack Available
3G/ 4G / LTE Antenna
Bumper Discount : Now in Rs. 2500
All Over Pakistan Delivery
Supported: Zong / Jazz / Ptcl / Ufone (MiFi / Usb / Router)
IPTV Services 350/Month
1000s of Live Tv Channels/Movies/Series
For Smart Tv / Android Box / Mobile / Pc
TRIALs Available To Test IPTV Services
On Any Internet / No Device Required
StormFiber Super Saver
Pay Advance 3199 (One Month Net + Modem + Fiber Wire All Included)
Click to Order or Pre Order if not available in your area
2224* Per Month
* Without Tax
Offer Available in all cities (Partially in KARACHI AND LAHORE)
StormFiber Mega Winter Offer
5Mbps to 120Mbps in 999
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Ptcl Charji 1450/Month Unlimited
Pay 3199 & Get the connection
20 Mbps Unlimited Package
2224 Per Month (W/o Tax)
Offer Available In All Cities (Partially in Karachi and Lahore)
IPTV Services
1000s of live tv channels
1000s of Movies
1000s of Series/seasons
Per Month
On any internet / No Device Needed
Available on Smart tv / Android Box / Mobile
jazz zte unlock
JAZZ Unlock
In 13500/-
Collection in KHI / LHR
All Over Pakistan Through Courier
Ufone Blaze
New (Unlock)
in 6500/-*
Without Sim*
4G Antenna
Zong 4G / Jazz 4G / Ptcl Charji
Available for MiFi / Usbs and Routers
All Over Pakistan Delivery
Antenna with 60Ft Wire
Magnetic Antenna
Magnetic Antenna
SMA / Ts9 Connector in 1500/-
Delivery All over Pakistan
Dsl Multan
Ptcl Multan Dsl
Promo Packages available in Complete Multan Region
Order from here Get Connection in 1 day
Tap here for details
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IPTV Service available in 350/Month
1000s of tv channels/movies/series
StormFiber Super Saver
Just Pay 2499 in advance & Get the Connection
Transworld home
Transworld Home
Internet And HD TV Cable Khi Lhr ISB
Ptcl dsl Broadband
Ptcl DSL Broadband Multan Region
Unlimited 1370/Month
Point to point
DHA Lahore / Paragon City / Barki Road
Unlimited Internet Where No Other Net
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Qubee (3G & LTE)


-We Deploy Internet Connection By Our Authorized Qubee Distributors (Same Day Installation – Activation) – 

QUBEE Wimax services are currently available in Karachi / Lahore / Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

QUBEE Collaborated with Witribe, Proudly announce that Qubee network is now being transferred to Witribe. Reliable Internet service available on ONE PHONE CALL. 

Packages OFFERED  on Witribe Connections 


Interested in Qubee? Fill the form we will contact with you for Qubee (Witribe) Connection:

    City *

    Your Name *

    Mobile# *

    Your Email *

    Complete Address *

    Feedback/Complaint (Optional)

    – Why Order Qubee From ApnaBroadBand?

    Answer) Because we are easy to access, You just need to call , SMS or fill the form available on this page for new internet connection. Nearest Qubee installation team will contact with you and visit at your premises. It will be fastest order process we guarantee.

    – Does ApnaBroadBand Charge Extra on Qubee Connection?

    Answer) No ApnaBroadBand doesn’t charge extra, same tariff plan applies. However ApnaBroadBand can offer discount on it’s own behalf.

    – What’s ApnaBroadBand response time after ordering the connection?

    Answer) ApnaBroadband makes installation faster than your imagination. We route nearest installer from customer location. So if anyone wants Qubee connection urgently ApnaBroadBand would be the best choice.

    – Does ApnaBroadBand Deploys Qubee Connection By Their Own Team?

    Answer) No, ApnaBroadBand has several authorized Qubee distributors in touch, Distributions officially assigned field engineers visit customer premises and installs the Qubee Internet Connection.

    – Will I Be Qubee Customer or Apnabroadband customer?

    Answer) You will always be a Qubee Customer , You will be having all the promos which a Qubee customers gets time to time. Internet Connection will be on your name / address. You will be receiving monthly bill sms on your mobile phone.

    – When I Disconnect Qubee, From where I’ll get my refund amount?

    Answer) Qubee will return your refundable amount, You can also temporary disconnect Qubee if you are not using it.

    For Qubee Internet Connection : 0332-8246795



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