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Fiber Optic Internet Connection in Model Town Lahore

Fiber optic Internet and Cable TV (for cable tv , internet connection is must) services available in Model Town Lahore.
Unlimited Downloads and Uploads , Reliable internet connection with analogue and digital tv cable system.

For Coverage confirmation and Packages details on your mobile number please fill the given form.



    City Housing Society Gujranwala Internet Connection

    Get Fiber optic internet connection in Citi Housing Society Gujranwala.

    Internet + Phone OR Internet + TV + Phone services  available on 10Mbps , 20Mbps , 30Mbps , 50Mbps and 100Mbps Unlimited Internet packages.

    Packages details (call/whatsapp 0345-2813343 if any query) :

    Speed / PromoInstallation ChargesMonthly Fee
    (Including Taxes)
    10Mbps ONLY INTERNET 2499 First Month
    2499 Second Month
    2445 From 3rd month onwards
    Net + Analog TV + Phone
    69 TV Channels
    2999 First Month
    2999 Second Month
    2635 From 3rd Month Onwards
    10Mbps (WITH DIGITAL TV)
    Net + TV + Phone + HD BOX
    235 TV Channels
    4339 First Month
    4339 Second Month
    2635 From 3rd Month Onwards
    15Mbps (WITH DIGITAL TV)
    Net + TV + Phone + HD BOX
    235 TV Channels
    4639 First Month
    4639 Second Month
    3459 From 3rd Month Onwards
    Net + Analog TV + Phone
    69 TV Channels
    3499 First Month
    3499 Second Month
    4009 From 3rd Month Onwards
    20Mbps (WITH DIGITAL TV)
    Net + TV + Phone + HD BOX
    235 TV Channels
    4839 First Month
    4839 First Month
    4009 From 3rd Month Onwards
    Net + Analog TV + Phone
    69 TV Channels
    7999 One Time Charges
    (One month free)
    5383 From 2nd month onwards
    Net + Analog TV + Phone
    69 TV Channels
    11499 One Time Charges
    (One Month Free)
    8132 From 2nd Month Onwards
    Net + Analog TV + Phone
    69 TV Channels
    14499 One Time Charges
    (One Month Free)
    13629 From 2nd Month Onwards

    HD Box can be purchased anytime to watch 235+ tv Channels , for further details please whatsapp 0345-2813343

    Order Connection Form:


      If TV Required Then :*
      Analog 68 channelsDigital 235 ChannelsNo Only Net

      (Order Only For Citi/City Housing Society)


      For further details please call 0345-2813343 or 0332-8246795.

      Internet Connection for Working from Home Users

      We provide portable wireless internet services with prepaid packages. (No Monthly Contract) Use it whenever you want to use , just recharge and start using for next 30 days.

      Different organization are asking their workers , employees , agents , retailers to work from home , we can provide solution to all these people. We have enough stock of various ISPs pocket mifi clouds , desktop modems and fixed connections like fiber optic internet.

      Order your internet connection and start work from home today.
      To Order Internet Connection at home please call 0345-2813343 , 0332-8246795.

      StormFiber Gujranwala Packages – Coverage Area

      StormFiber is now available in Gujranwala, Now Gujranwala customers can enjoy high speed internet on 100% Fiber optic network. HD TV and Phone also available.

      StormFiber Gujranwala Coverage areas

      Al-Mansoora Housing Society

      City Housing Society
      Phase 1
      Phase 2
      Wafi City (Block FF, FF Extension, EE, EE Extension)

      Climax Garden

      Climax Home

      Gujranwala Bypass
      University town

      Peoples Colony
      Block W
      Block Y
      Block Z
      DC Colony

      Model Town Gujranwala

      Satellite Town

      Shalimar Town

      GT Road
      Agriculture Colony
      Al Mujeeb Town
      Aurangzeb Town
      Bilal Garden
      DC Road
      G Magnolia Park (Block A, Block B and C)
      Jalil Town
      Mumtaz Market
      Satellite Town
      Wapda Town (Block A1, Block A2)
      Wapda Town
      (Block B1,B2,B3,B4,C1 and C2)
      Master City A Block
      Master City B Block

      Sialkot Road
      Approach Road
      Behari Colony
      Fazal Town
      Garden Town phase 1 & 2
      Green Valley Phase 1
      Green Valley Phase 2
      Jinnah City
      Jinnah Road (Sui Gas Road - Kacha Fatomand Road)
      Mafi Wala Road
      Pakka Fatomand
      Professors Colony
      Qasim Town
      Sui Gas Road

      StormFiber Gujranwala Packages and Promos

      Super Saver Offer
      20mbps Double Play (Internet + Phone)

      (Including one month fee)
      From 2nd Month Onwards
      Incl. Tax 2917/-

      20Mbps Triple Play (Internet + TV + Phone)

      SpeedAdvance (One month fee included)Per Month (From second month onwards)
      Incl. Tax 2923+

      30Mbps Triple Play (Internet + TV + Phone)

      SpeedAdvance (One Month Fee included)Per Month
      (from 2nd Month onwards)
      Incl. Tax 4608+

      Order Super Saver Offer in StormFiber in Gujranwala



        (Super Saver available in all cities. In Khi and Lhr limited areas have this promo


        StormFiber Triple Play Promo 2.0 (one Month Free)

        SpeedPer Month
        (From second
        Incl. Tax 29837
        Incl. Tax 4467
        Incl. Tax 6179
        Incl. Tax 9628
        Incl. Tax 16004

        StormFiber Triple Play Promo (Three Month Free)
        SpeedPer MonthInstallation
        Incl. Tax 2925+
        Incl. Tax 4608+
        Incl. Tax 6120+


        Order StormFiber Online


          Super Saver1 Month Free3 Month Free
          (Super saver is not available on 30Mbps or above)




          If you want ApnaBroadBand to let you know same day about coverage availability in your area please fill the above form :

            One time fees : Rs. 200  : Easypaisa mobile account # 0345-2813343

            Internet / TV cable Connection in Valencia Town Lahore

            Internet Connection available  almost everywhere in Valencia Lahore.
            We can deploy internet connection on same day on wireless broadband (Minimum 2Mbps).

            We may also provide internet connection / telephony and HD tv cable on fiber optic in Lahore.

            We are accepting orders from all blocks of Valencia Town Lahore.
            (Only TV Cable is not available, You can avail TV(HD TV) services along with internet connection – Minimum 10Mbps Unlimited Available – Maximum 100Mbps)

            For Package / coverage details please fill the form below or call us at 0345-2813343 / 0332-8246795

            Information Required? fill the form


              We will send you packages details on your given mobile number


              Internet Connection for gaming in Pakistan

              We provide high speed internet connection for online gaming. Connection with low latency recommended for gaming , network optimized to process high volume of data with minimal delay referred as latency.

              We may provide you connection in all the major cities, please fill the following form to confirm internet availability at your location, We will get back to you.

              Broadband Connection For Online Gaming: