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QUBEE Pakistan Official Tariff:

*** November 2017 GOOD NEWS 20GB Regular Packages converted into 40GB Regular Now. This offer is for all existing and new customers. So what you waiting for call us now at 0345-2813343 / 0300-9200279 and get your connection now***


Desktop Modem Activation : Rs. 500/-
1Mbps 10GB 20GB 800 per Month    , First Time 1300
2Mbps 10GB 20GB 1000 per Month , First Time 1500
3Mbps 10GB 20GB 1200 per Month , First Time 1700
(Inclusive Tax)

WiFi Router  : Rs. 1000/- (Additional if required)

Desktop Modem Activation : Rs. 500/-
1Mbps 20GB 40GB 1000 per Month (1254/M inc tax) , First Time 1500
2Mbps 20GB 40GB 1200 per Month (1480/M inc tax), First Time 1700
3Mbps 20GB 40GB 1400 per Month(1710/M inc tax) , First Time 1900

WiFi Router : Rs. 1000/ (Additional if required)


Desktop Modem Activation : Rs. 1000/-
1Mbps Unlimited 1300 per Month , First Time 2300

WiFi Router : Rs. 500 (Additional if required)

Desktop Modem Activation : Rs. 1000/- FUP : 100GB
2Mbps Unlimited 1500 per Month (1700+/M inc tax), First Time 2500 FUP : 100GB
3Mbps Unlimited 1700 per Month (2050/M inc tax) , First Time 2700 FUP : 150GB
4Mbps Unlimited 2000 per Month (2390/M inc tax) , First Time 3000 FUP : 200GB

WiFi Router : FREE

1Mbps Unlimited 800 Per Month(1025/M inc tax) , First Time 2000 [FUP 60GB]
2Mbps Unlimited 1000 Per Month (1254/M inc tax) , First Time 2000 [FUP 70GB]
NOTE: [USB IS NON WIFI – USB Supported WiFi Router 3000 [With battery backup] Or Without Battery Backup in 1500 [limited stock].

Monthly Fee With All Taxes 
Call Now : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279
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