Qubee WiFi Usb (Usb + WiFi Router)

Qubee Shuttle can be used on WiFi gadgets through USB WiFi Router.

Qubee USB Shuttle itself is non-wifi device but It can be attached with USB supported wifi router (Which has battery backup as well).

Normal USB Shuttle connection can be used just for PC or Laptop which has Windows (service pack 3 / Windows 7 or Windows 8) But If you want to use it through WiFi , You can order a usb wifi router with connection.

To Order QUBEE USB + WiFi Router or ONLY Single User USB : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279 [Without  Router Only 2000 First time ,WITH USB WiFi Router 3500 First time]
[As per tariff of the month this post]

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