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Witribe Device WiFi Range

Witribe 3g or LTE available with remarkable wifi range. Although it covers standard wifi range , if your house / office is big or has many walls or heavy concrete used, you may attach another wifi router of 2 or 3 antennas (Easily available in market in different brands like Tenda / Tplink / Dlink / MtLink etc.)

If you are in witribe tower range you will get good signals strength even inside rooms, all depends on signal strength. If you are getting low signals where your witribe device is currently installed, you may place it somewhere near to window or give it height (like first floor or second floor).

Usually problem occurs when you are in congested workplace, or device placement is somewhere inside the rooms where you receiving low signals or no signals.

Witribe comes with 3g or 4g network device. If your area is covered with LTE then LTE device would work , but if you have only 3G coverage then you will need to install a 3G device. When you will start getting LTE coverage you can change your device and obviously your package will be changed as well.

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