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5GLive IPTV For UK, Europe , USA and Australia

5GLive IPTV For UK , Europe , USA , Canada , Australia , China etc countries. Stable IPTV Provider with all the necessary and most watched tv channels.

Sports channels / Entertainment channels / News Channels worldwide along with all the live sports events categories.

5GLive Iptv rates (Payments can be made via Wise / Remitly / Ria / PayPal / IBAN Bank fund transfers etc)

5GLive (Intl)
Rates (GBP)
1 Month8 GBP
3 Months23 GBP
6 Months38 GBP
12 Months55 GBP

Fill the form to proceed the IPTV Account:


    Trial1 Month3 Months6 Months12 Months
    12 Hours Non Adult Trial 2 GBP, 1 Month 8 GBP, 3 Months 19 GBP , 6 Months 29 GBP , 12 Months 39GBP Payment through WISE/Remitly/Paypal/Wired Bank Fund Transfer


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