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Qubee Multan (Home Internet / Business Internet)

Currently Available StormFiber There:Fiber Internet + tv + Phone Multan
Qubee services (Witribe) now started in Multan as well, You can get Qubee connection for your home  / Office in Multan.  Qubee High speed with consistent reliable speed works perfectly fine, you will feel the difference in normal internet connection and LTE reliability.

Qubee Multan offering packages from 4Mbps Unlimited to 6Mbps Unlimited. Currently Qubee New Connections not available in Multan,you can order fast internet connection on fiber(ftth) in Multan, Kindly visit for packages details  :
Fiber Internet + tv + Phone Multan

Let us know your area , we will confirm you fiber optic availability at your location and also packages with tax on your mobile number.