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Qubee Packages Fee After Taxes

For new and old customers convenience we are putting complete monthly charges after adding service charges / Withholding tax and other GST tax(es).

Packages with complete hidden / non hidden / Federal Government taxes / Provincial Govt Tax (Sindh) For  Karachi / Lahore and Rawalpindi Islamabad:

1) QUBEE Desktop modem:
Qubee LIMITED Downloads (10GB 20GB)

1mb 10gb 20GB 799/- [In Qubee Tariff 799/-]
2mb 10gb 20GB 999/- [In Qubee Tariff 999/-]
3mb 10gb 20GB 1199/- [In Qubee Tariff 1199/-]

Qubee LIMITED Downloads (20GB 40GB) 

1mb 20gb 40GB 1254/-  [In Qubee Tariff 999/-]
2mb 20gb 40GB 1482/-  [In Qubee Tariff 1199/-]
3mb 20gb 40GB 1710/-  [In Qubee Tariff 1399/-]
(Wifi router 1000 additional if required)


2) QUBEE UNLIMITED*  Monthly :
(WiFi Router Free with 2Mbps or Above Unl Pkgs)

1mbps 1580 , first time 2300. [In Qubee Tariff 1299/-]
2mbps 1824 , 1710[In Karachi]  first time 2500. [In Qubee Tariff 1499/-]
3mbps  2052 , first time 2700. [In Qubee Tariff 1699/-]
4mbps 2394 , first time 3000. [In Qubee Tariff 2000/-]

*on 3Mbps and 4Mbps Unlimited Sind Govt applies in Karachi. **GOOD NEWS: Sind Govt Tax Will Not Be Applied On 3Mbps / 4Mbps Packages Anymore.**

*Qubee FUP:  1Mbps =100GB ,  2Mbps=100GB , 3Mbps=150GB , 4Mbps=200GB

For Any further and details : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279.