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IPTV Service for Kuwait

International IPTV service for smart tv / android tv box / receiver / mobile and PC available in compatative rates.

Content that you cant find at one place, or you will need to spend hundreds of dinar to watch them, now available in few dinars.

Stable / Reliable and full content that can cater all age group entertainment. You can lock adults channels if you want kids not to access them.

IPTV Rates in Kuwait:
Payments by Remitly / Wise / Direct bank fund transfer. Whatsapp us for account details.

Fees (In KWD)
For All Countries
International IPTV
(A Category) 1 Month
International IPTV
(A Category) 3 Months
11 KWD
International IPTV
(A Category) 6 Months
19 KWD
International IPTV
(A Category) 12 Months
33 KWD

Order Now Online (Representative will contact back)

    IPTV Service*

    Trial1 Month3 Months6 Months12 Months
    Non-adult trial available, Full Content Trial available on 1KWD (will be adjusted on monthly purchase)


    For better support please provide whatsapp enabled number

    How would you like to pay:
    (paypal can also be used but +2KWD will be deducated as fee)