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Witribe / Wi-tribe Packages (In Details)

Witribe Detailed Packages (with Latest Updates – April 2019)
You will find Karachi Lahore + Rawalpindi and Islamabad packages here.

There are many sites sharing Wi-tribe LTE Packages without knowing that Witribe LTE is only available in Karachi and Lahore. It’s kinda confusing for Rawalpindi and Islamabad customers who see Witribe LTE-A Packages (Mostly without taxes) on sites. When they ask for packages information and we provide them Wi-tribe Rawalpindi and Islamabad rates they show their concerns over rates. Even we tell them packages they seeing are Witribe LTE-A packages and are exclusive tax, they hardly understand it because of irresponsible websites (in the reference of not clearing site visitors about LTE-A and 3G difference of Rwp and ISB packages) like or

Here we will try to clear Witribe LTE packages with more clearance / we will also share our website link where you will find including taxes packages details. Packages with complete info city wide.

When we are giving LTE or LTE-A packages info it means currently it’s available in Karachi and Lahore only. Rates are usually mention on site are exclusive tax, but we mention it everywhere . Sometimes you will find rates with inclusive taxes, we will also mention that rates are including taxes.

Now without wasting any time , sharing Wi-tribe Packages (ONLY FOR KARACHI and LAHORE) details below . Monthly Line Rent is exclusive tax (Just because users dont get confuse that what they seeing on witribe official site is different and here different, otherwise we have no issue in showing rates with taxes. We are continuously updating our post where you can find all witribe packages inclusive tax. you can visit here for  seeing Wi-tribe monthly line rent with taxes)

Karachi Lahore Packages

SpeedMonthly FeeUpfront Charges
[3G] 2Mbps 20GB Non WiFi6991199
2Mbps 40GB
3Mbps 50GB
[3G] 2Mbps Unlimited*13991899
[LTE] 2Mbp Unlimited13992999
5Mbps 100GB
3Mbps Unlimited
5Mbps 150GB
7Mbps 200GB
5Mbps Unlimited*
7Mbps Unlimited*
10Mbps Unlimited*

12Mbps Unlimited*
15Mbps Unlimited*
20Mbps Unlimited*
Qubee 2Mbps

Only in : Bhittai Colony , Gulshan-e-Maymar , Korangi , Landhi , Orangi Town (Where LTE Or Witribe 3G doesnt work)
Qubee 3Mbps

Only in : Bhittai Colony , Gulshan-e-Maymar , Korangi , Landhi , Orangi Town (Where LTE Or Witribe 3G doesnt work)
Qubee 4Mbps

Only in : Bhittai Colony , Gulshan-e-Maymar , Korangi , Landhi , Orangi Town (Where LTE Or Witribe 3G doesnt work)
Qubee 3Mbps

Device Charges : Rs. 2999 (One Month Free)
Monthly Fees are exclusive tax, visit here to check including tax wi-tribe packages)

* = Fair Usage Policy applies on all those package which have * symbol.
There are 2 unlimited packages without * , These are truly unlimited packages.

Now we are going to share Wi-tribe Rawalpindi Islamabad Packages, All packages given below are inclusive of all taxes (Bill will be exact same as you see here).
Rawalpindi Islamabad Packages

PackageMonthly (Inclusive tax)First Time Charges
[3G] 2Mbps 20GB
2Mbps 30GB
Promo Offer
2Mbps 50GB17492249
3Mbps 50GB20492549
2Mbps Unlimited*20492549
3Mbps Unlimited*21492649
4Mbps Unlimited*25503050
5Mbps Unlimited*30993599

initial charges are : Rs. 500 Device activation + One Month Fee as Deposit
Monthly Fees are inclusive off all taxes.
* = Fair Usage Policy Applies on all unlimited packages.


15Mbps Witribe Unlimited Package

Wi-tribe recently launched 15Mbps Unlimited Package. Package Calls Unlimited Flash.
Package available on LTE-A Modem (Karachi / Lahore Only)
Details Of 12Mbps Unlimited Flash :
Monthly Line Rent (Fees) : Rs. 3599/-
Device Activation : Rs. 2999 (One Month Free Internet)

Packages with name of Wi-tribe Unlimited Flash have 3 different speed :
12Mbps Unlimited Flash
15Mbps Unlimited Flash
20Mbps Unlimited Flash

These packages are available with fair usage policy.

For any further details please call or sms at 0345-2813343 / 0300-9200279 or 0332-8246795

Wi-tribe LTE-A Gulshan-e-Maymar

After a long time, finally Wi-tribe now started their LTE-A services in Gulshan-e-Maymar. Previously there was only Witribe 3G coverage was available there.

We used to get alot of calls from Gulshan-e-Maymar customers , looking for Wi-tribe LTE Packages (Like 2Mbps unlimited or 3Mbps Unlimited).

Now All those internet users who are looking for fast internet solution , they can avail witribe at doorstep.

All you need to do is select the package , fill the order form OR call Wi-tribe customer support or call us for new connection activation.

Witribe LTE-Packages

Qubee New 10Mbps Package

Qubee (Wi-tribe) now 10Mbps unlimited available in major cities of Pakistan (Karachi and Lahore).
Monthly Line Rent 2850/-
Device Activation Charges (One Time) : Rs. 3000
[One Month Internet is free with it]
Visit here to check complete Qubee packages details including all taxes.

Call Now : 0345-2813343 / 0300-9200279 / 0332-8246795

Witribe Device WiFi Range

Witribe 3g or LTE available with remarkable wifi range. Although it covers standard wifi range , if your house / office is big or has many walls or heavy concrete used, you may attach another wifi router of 2 or 3 antennas (Easily available in market in different brands like Tenda / Tplink / Dlink / MtLink etc.)

If you are in witribe tower range you will get good signals strength even inside rooms, all depends on signal strength. If you are getting low signals where your witribe device is currently installed, you may place it somewhere near to window or give it height (like first floor or second floor).

Usually problem occurs when you are in congested workplace, or device placement is somewhere inside the rooms where you receiving low signals or no signals.

Witribe comes with 3g or 4g network device. If your area is covered with LTE then LTE device would work , but if you have only 3G coverage then you will need to install a 3G device. When you will start getting LTE coverage you can change your device and obviously your package will be changed as well.

We are dealing in Qubee and Witribe from last 10 years, we would love to assist you if you required new connection anytime. We also deal in various internet services.
Call or SMS us if you required new connection : 0345-2813343 / 0300-9200279  / 0332-8246795.

Qubee Internet With Static Ip

Qubee Internet connection offers static ip for office and home users. Fix ip or static ip is used for different purposes , in home / offices it is used for watching Cameras online.
You can access static ip from anywhere and watch live camera streaming.
QUBEE (Witribe) Static Ip connections available in Karachi / Lahore / Rawalpindi And Islamabad.
For further details please call us at 0345-2813343 / 0300-9200279

FTTH (Fiber) Internet Connection (TV And Phone) in Hyderabad

Fast Fiber Optic Internet Connection (FTTH / GPON) with HD TV and Phone available in Hyderabad.

Packages (StormFiber) Available in Hyderabad :
Triple Play Packages
Internet + Tv + Phone

SpeedMonthly Fee*

Triple Play Packages (Promo 1)
Internet + Tv + Phone

SpeedMonthly Fee*Upfront Charges*

Triple Play Packages (Promo 2)
Internet  + TV + Phone

SpeedMonthly Fee*Upfront Charges*

Order Internet Connection (StormFiber) Online


Triple Pkg Upfront12000/-1200 on Installment


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Mobile# *

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