Welcome to ApnaBroadBand
We are providing internet via fiber / wireless / dsl
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Welcome to Apnabroadband
Providing internet via fiber / wireless / dsl
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Facing low signals issue on your MiFi or USB or Router , which causing slow internet browsing. We have various antennas available for low data signals.
Small range – Normal Range – High Range antennas available for your USB or MiFi or Wireless Router.
Complete antenna set will be delivered at doorstep by courier service.

Parabolic Evo Antenna / Zong Dish Antenna / Dome Ceiling Antenna / Zong / PTCL Panel Antenna / Yagi Antennas available
Click Here to  visit our Available Stock of PTCL Evo / Wingle / Charji / Zong 3g / Zong 4G LTE / Warid LTE Antennas.

Yagi Antenna (Rs. 3000/-)


Panel Antenna (2000/-)

High Gain Charji Zong Panel Antenna 3700/-)

TS9 Connector (500/-)

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