Qubee Limited / Unlimited Packages 2017

All Qubee Packages Details : Limited / Unlimited 2017

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Qubee Device (Modem) Packages 2017
(All Charges are Exclusive taxes):

2Mbps Unlimited : Monthly 1499 (In Lhr/Rwp/Isb,Khi)
3Mbps Unlimited : Monthly 1699(In Lhr/Rwp/Isb,Khi).
4Mbps Unlimited : Monthly 1999 (In Lhr/Rwp/Isb,Khi).
1Mbps Unlimited  : Monthly 1299(In Lhr/Rwp/Isb,Khi).

Qubee Limited (20GB): 1Mbps Monthly 799 (Double Volume Offer)[Inclusive Tax]
Qubee Limited (40GB):  1Mbps Monthly 999. (Double Volume Offer)

Qubee USB Packages 2017:

NOTE : Qubee usb is non wifi , Qubee haven’t introduced any pocket wifi (single wifi mifi) yet. However you can buy usb wifi router to use wifi:

1Mbps Unlimited (60GB) : Rs. 800 Monthly {ONLY USB PKG}
2Mbps Unlimited (70GB) : Rs. 1000 Monthly {ONLY USB PKG}

First Time 2000

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