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Witribe Current Tariff (In Pakistan)

Witribe Current Tariff  For Karachi / Lahore (Frequently Updated Post)
NOTE : Click Here For Rawalpindi / Islamabad Witribe Tariff

January 2018 – Happy New Year

NOTE : In Panjab 19.5% GST will also be applied. For details kindly click here.

2Mbps 20GB 899/Month(1138/ Inc Tax) First Time 1849
2Mbps 20GB 699/Month(910/Inc Tax) First Time 1199 (Non WiFi)
 30GB  50GB 1199/Month(1480/M inc tax) First Time 2149
2Mbps Unlimited 1399/Month (1710/M inc tax) First Time 2349

3Mbps  40GB 50GB 1399/Month (1710/M inc tax) First Time 2349
3Mbps Unlimited 1499/Month (1820/M inc tax) First Time 2449

4Mbps Unlimited 1799/Month (2165/M inc tax) First Time 2749

5Mbps Unlimited 2199/Month(2600 or 3125Khi/M inc tax) First Time 3149
WiFi Device : Rs. 950/-
All Charges are excluding tax.
Click on this link to See Monthly With Tax

NOTE : Click Here For Rawalpindi / Islamabad Witribe Tariff