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Qubee Supreme Max (4Mbps Unlimited)

Qubee Supreme Max Package Details :
Speed : 4Mbps
Downloads : Unlimited*

Qubee Supreme Max speed is 4Mbps and downloads are unlimited for the whole month. This package available on Desktop Modem.

Qubee Supreme Max Complete Details are given below :

CityMonthly (Inclusive all tax)Upfront Charges
(Router FREE)

Qubee LTE packages for Faisalabad Multan Peshawar and Hyderabad

200GB + Unlimited Internet in Rs. 1999 Monthly.

QUBEE Supreme Max :
200 GB + Unlimited Internet just in Rs. 1999 Per Month (Exclusive Tax)
Device Activation (Desktop Modem) : Rs. 1000/-
WiFi Router : FREE (Limited Time Offer)
First Time Charges : Monthly Fee As Security Deposit 1999 + Device Activation 1000 + FREE WiFi Router 0 = Rs. 2999/-
: 4Mbps
(In Khi/ISB Rs. 2400 Per Month, In Rwp/ LHR in 2800 Per Month (inclusive punjab gst as well))
Order Now : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279