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Witribe ZERO Activation (Non WiFi Modem)

Witribe offering Non WiFi modem on ZERO Activation charges.
(Just pay one month line rent and get the witribe connection at doorstep.)

Hurry Up Before this offer goes away!!! [For Latest Witribe Tariff CLICK HERE]

Call ApnaBroadBand for new witribe connection today : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279

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Qubee Packages Inclusive Taxes

For new and old customers convenience we are putting complete monthly charges after adding service charges / Withholding tax and other GST tax(es).  NOTE: Charges may increase or decrease as per govt tax policy.

Packages with complete hidden / non hidden / Federal Government taxes /  GST in Lahore and Rawalpindi:

1) QUBEE Desktop modem:

Qubee LIMITED Downloads (10GB 20GB)

In Karachi/Islamabad 1mb 10gb 20GB 799/- [In Qubee Tariff 799/-] In Lahore/Rawalpindi Including (Service Charges/WHT Tax/GST)  955/-
In Karachi/Islamabad 2mb 10gb 20GB 999/- [In Qubee Tariff 999/-] In Lahore/Rawalpindi Including (Service Charges/WHT Tax/GST)  1194/-
In Karachi/Islamabad 3mb 10gb 20GB 1199/- [In Qubee Tariff 1199/-] In Lahore/Rawalpindi Including (Service Charges/WHT Tax/GST) 1433/-

Qubee LIMITED Downloads (40GB) 

In Karachi/Islamabad 1mb 40GB 1254/-  , In Lahore / Rawalpindi : 1497/- [In Qubee Tariff 999/-]
In Karachi/Islamabad  2mb  40GB 1482/-  , In Lahore / Rawalpindi : 1769/- [In Qubee Tariff 1199/-]
In Karachi/Islamabad 3mb 40GB 1710/- , In Lahore / Rawalpindi : 2042/- [In Qubee Tariff 1399/-]
(Wifi router 1000 additional if required)


2) QUBEE UNLIMITED*  Monthly :
(WiFi Router Free with 2Mbps or Above Unl Pkgs)

In Karachi/Islamabad 1mbps 1580/- , first time 2300. [In Qubee Tariff 1299/-]  In Lahore / Rawalpindi : 1905/-
In Karachi/Islamabad  2mbps 1820/- 1710/- [In Karachi]  first time 2500. [In Qubee Tariff 1499/-] In Lahore / Rawalpindi : 2178/-
In Karachi/Islamabad 3mbps  2052 , first time 2700. [In Qubee Tariff 1699/-] In Lahore / Rawalpindi : 2450/-
In Karachi/Islamabad 4mbps 2394 , first time 3000. [In Qubee Tariff 2000/-]  In Lahore / Rawalpindi : 2859/-

*on 3Mbps and 4Mbps Unlimited Sind Govt applies in Karachi. **GOOD NEWS: Sind Govt Tax Will Not Be Applied On 3Mbps / 4Mbps Packages Anymore.**
**GST Tax 19.5% will apply in PUNJAB.

*Qubee FUP:  1Mbps =100GB ,  2Mbps=100GB , 3Mbps=150GB , 4Mbps=200GB

For Any further and details : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279.

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Packages are inclusive all taxes and charges In Karachi / Islamabad,For Rawalpindi and Lahore 19.5% Punjab GST will also be applied

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Witribe Ramadan 2015 offers

This Ramadan Witribe giving double volume offer on it’s 2mbps 20gb package. 

Get 2 mbps 20gb  connection and avail 40gb data volume for 1st month.

2nd offer:  WiFi device activation zero on 2mbps 20gb package. 

2mbps 20gb monthly fee : 1400

Device Activation : 500/- 0/-(zero)

just pay 1400 and get witribe net on monthly fee (limited time offer)

Qubee Internet Tariq Road and Bahadurabad Karachi

Qubee Wireless Broadband have updated their coverage at Tariq road and Bahadurabad area. For fast internet experience call us now for Qubee internet installation at your door.

Qubee Tariq Road and Bahadurabad Connection : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279 for further details and order. (We deploy connection all over Karachi / Lahore and Rawalpindi Islamabad , if you are from any other area you are most welcome.)

Qubee 140GB in Double Volume Offer

Qubee Double Volume Offer : 140GB Download Limit (Without Promo 70GB)

Speed : 2Mbps

Monthly : Rs. 1100 (Including service charges etc)

USB : Rs. 1000

Total 2000 First Time.


Monthly 1800 (Including service charges etc)

Device + WiFi Router : Rs. 1000

Total 2700 First Time.


Speed 3Mbps

Monthly : Rs.  2100 (Including service charges etc)

Device + WiFi Router : Rs. 1000

Total 3000 First Time

To Order Qubee in Karachi / Lahore and Rawalpindi Islamabad : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279

*Quick Response Quick Installation at your door within 30 Minutes

Static Ip Internet Provider Pakistan

Static Ip Provider for residential / commercial use.

Internet Connection with Static ip available in 1Mbps  / 2Mbps / 3Mbps / 4Mbps and 5Mbps  Unlimited Packages.
*May also get with limited volume packages (like 10GB / 20GB/ 50GB)

For Static Ip Internet Connection Call Now : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279.

Internet Connection Available [Home Delivery]

All Major Wireless Internet Connection Available Under One Roof.

Deliveries / Installation by authorized Installers/ Riders / Resellers and Retailers.

Call : 0345-2813343 or 0300-9200279 for internet connection in your home / office / shop / hostel / hotel / resturant etc.