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Wahab Riaz vs. Ahmed Shehzad on 14 February 2016 in PSL

in Quetta gladiators and Peshawar Zalmi match, There is word exchange between Wahab riaz and Ahmed Shehzad , after Ahmed shehzad got out on wahab riaz ball. Before that out Ahmed shehzad scored 6 runs on 1st ball of Wahab Riaz.

On very next ball Ahmed Shehzad was clean bold. It was not a good sight, when 2 international players argued like that.

Camera captured Ahmed Riaz abusing Ahmed Shehzad. No matter what who started first but it was not a good sight to see getting physical in PSL.

Pakistani Text Chatroom on Android Mobile Phone

The easiest way to connect to chatroom online is to connect online through browser CLICK HERE TO Enter in Chatroom

Smartphones are getting so popular in Pakistan these days. Because they are easy to use and handy.

Text chat was one of the most famous trend in early days of internet in Pakistan. Now again its getting popular as people find facebook boring because only friends can communicate with each other. IF anyone wants to chat with strangers and those who they dont know in their real life they can use Text Chatroom for best time pass.

The one of the oldest text chatroom can be accessed through mobile android application “AndroIrc”

There are few simple steps to follow in Pakistani Text Chatroom on phone. Make new friends around the world. Mostly Pakistani.

1) Install AndroIrc from Google PlayStore.
2) Open AndroIrc.
3) Goto Settings
4) Servers
5) Select “Undernet”
6) Tap on “Edit”
7) Enter Your Nickname
8) Tap on Custom IRC Commands  “/join #Pakistan”  (Without Quotation)
9) Goback to main Screen
10) Tap on “+” Symbol
11) Tap on Undernet to enter in Chatroom.

Above All If you want to connect directly from browser (On pc or Laptop) Use this WEB LINK to Pakistani ChatRoom